Where to Buy Aave in California

Aave is a leading cryptocurrency and platform in the sector of Decentralized Finance “DeFi”. Using DeFi protocol is it able to automate tasks that were previously impossible. It’s tokens are created on the ERC20 tokens of the Ethereum blockchain. Aave uses “smart contracts” which is a feature of blockchain technology. Other cryptocurrency ecosystems also use smart contracts, however, what makes Aave unique, is its ability for users to borrow and lend among each other with the collateral of other cryptocurrencies automatically linked to the trade i.e. there is no third person needed to facilitate the transaction. Cleverly, Aave creates liquidity pools which is an accumulation of deposits. From these pools, borrowers can draw funds from with interest incurred. Interest is paid back into the pool, from which depositors are entitled to claim and withdraw their funds from.

The native token of the Aave ecosystem is AAVE. When Aave tokens are borrowed or lent, there are no fees incurred. In addition, owners of Aave tokens have the ability to participate in technical changes to the platform.

How to choose an exchange requires consideration of many factors. The most important being:

  • Safety and Security
  • Customer Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost of Fees
  • Liquidity
  • Pairings

After choosing an exchange, you will need to create an account through a sign up process.

The Account Creation process is relatively easy across all exchanges, however they may slightly differ with what is required for Proof of ID.

Some even have tiers of how many transactions or dollar value can be performed depending on the amount of ID provided.

To help you buy Aave, we discuss through the elements of Aave exchanges that should be considered, give our reviews of available exchanges, and discuss the fees to buy and sell Aave.

Top 5 Aave Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coinbase Pro
One of the oldest and most popular Aave and cryptocurrency exchanges to use. Arguably the safest and most secure of exchanges at the time of writing.
  • Legally operates in UK, Regulated and Licensed
  • Track record of withdrawal is good
  • Excellent Bid Ask Spread
  • Easy to Use

Accepts Each country residents. Do NOT use the original Binance site, as this has now removed all US users.
  • Legally operates in many countries, Regulated and Licensed
  • Track record of withdrawal is good
  • Excellent Bid Ask Spread
  • Easy to Use

CEX io cryptocurrency exchange
Also a relatively new comer to the cryptocurrency industry, the platform is easy to use. Transaction fees are reasonable, but pairings are limited.
  • Legally operates in many countries, Regulated and Licensed
  • Track record of withdrawal is good
  • Excellent Bid Ask Spread
  • Easy to Use

coinmama cryptocurrency exchange
A relatively new comer to the cryptocurrency industry, but has developed a solid reputation. Variety of pairings is limited, but is safe and secure to use.
  • Legally operates in many countries, Regulated and Licensed
  • Track record of withdrawal is good
  • Excellent Bid Ask Spread
  • Easy to Use

kraken cryptocurrency exchange
The founders of Kraken, were also the original founders of Facebook. They have enormous experience in fintech and cryptocurrency trading. Creating the perform platform for Americans.
  • Legally operates in many countries, Regulated and Licensed
  • Track record of withdrawal is good
  • Excellent Bid Ask Spread
  • Easy to Use

How to Buy and Sell Aave

Buy and selling Aave through an exchange is the most common and the easiest way. An exchange provides a convenient way to quickly buy and sell, it’s also the safest and secure. Of course there are many other ways that you can buy Aave.

  • Buy direct from a Seller without a broker
  • Work for Aave
  • Mine Aave (also known as yield farming)
  • Gamble with Aave

While there are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges available in countries around the world, there are some important factors to be considered. The best exchanges cater for the below factors very well

There are many exchanges to choose from. Some don’t often come to mind, because the operators are offshore based but still open to residents of where you live. Cryptocurrencies are new to the world. Each country has their own laws which dictate the legality of trading in Aave and cryptocurrencies.

Not all exchanges are permitted to be used in each country. If they don’t have a license then technically it is illegal to be used. However, due to the nature of exchanges being able to be operated from anywhere in the world, it is difficult for law enforcement agencies to prevent use of offshore licensed exchanges within each country.

Safety and Security

The first and foremost area to evaluate is the safety and security provisions of a cryptocurrency exchange. Since traders intend to provide their personal as well as confidential details (bank and credit/debit card details, address, cryptocurrency wallets etc.) to the exchange’s database, it should be backed by a strong and reliable security system. The exchange has to be efficient enough to deal with any type of malware or hacker’s attack.

Customer Support

From a novice to a professional trader, everyone needs help/assistance in one way the other. Sometimes, they need someone to sign-up on the exchange or carry out transactions to ensure safety of their personal details. Also, the customer support has to be prompt, responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly, courteous to give respect to all clients, no matter how small or big they are. Their professionalism and legitimacy in answering questions is what wins the clients.

Payment Methods

Many cryptocurrency exchanges provide multiple methods to their clients to deposit or withdraw funds. From using debit/credit cards (Mastercard or VISA), e-payment options (PayPal, Skrill etc.) to making wire transfers, these exchanges ensure safety of traders’ money by hook or by crook. Also, their e-wallets are responsible to simplify transactions while you will have to bear some fees or charges.

Crypto Selection

Crypto selection is important for people who want to diversify their e-wallets and deal in fiat currencies. In other words, if you are planning to acquire Aave tokens against USD, then there is no need to worry about this element or vice versa. Like stock exchanges, the platforms should have a huge range of cryptocurrencies so that traders are able to make the decision which suits them the best. Whether they want to invest in bigger cryptos like Aave tokens, ETH, Ripple etc. or to play a safe game, a cryptocurrency exchange should have multiple options to choose from.

Coupons and Discounts

Based on their common purpose, coupons and discounts are intended to create a win-win situation by attracting more and more clients to start trading with them. For a good cryptocurrency exchange, these offers work as a marketing tool where they can reach maximum number of people and expect to get at least 50% responses within no time. traders are rest assured of getting discounts or reductions in transaction fees.


There are two types of fees involved in cryptocurrency trading- payment fees and trading fees. The latter has been charges on the volume of cryptocurrencies being traded. The percentage usually decreases with the rise in volume. Which is why no exchange can be compared with the other.

Platform Reliability

This point refers to an Exchange’s ability to remain functional even at the time of maintenance. The exchange should be protected against bugs so that it can run without hindrance.

Top 5 Aave Cryptocurrency Exchanges Reviewed

Considering the above criteria, following are the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges that we have listed based on the above discussed criteria:


Referred to as the top Aave broker (AVE), Coinbase has always been the preference of beginners to try out their luck by investing in cryptocurrencies. Due to its simple user-interface and easy to handle mechanism, this cryptocurrency exchange has emerged as the best platform for all Aave and other cryptocurrency fans. They can carry out transactions with SEPA transfer, bank transfer, debit/credit card. with the surety of buying highly liquid cryptos. The best part is that if any trader wants to buy cryptocurrencies urgently, he/she can do it through Instant Buy with a debit card.


Coinmama is the next worthwhile cryptocurrency exchange that works for its clients effortlessly. The best part is that it is available for everyone across the globe, which means that people from anywhere can easily invest or transact in digital currencies. Its transaction fees depend upon the volume of purchase; however, money can be paid through SEPA transfer at a lower fee. Another thing that makes Coinmama a good option is the highest limitation for dealing in Aaves, especially while using credit cards. The exchange has proved itself a reliable and professional platform where traders can invest their money with ease.


Etoro is on the mission to democratize money management to open doors of financial market for everyone. Its US platform intends to bring in modern and advanced techniques and norms, while continuing to support cryptocurrency trading. Etoro lets traders to deposit funds through wire transfer, online bank transfer, bank card or e-wallet (Skrill, Neteller or PayPal), where the minimum deposit is $50. The best part of Etoro is that customers can withdraw funds whenever they want without having to pay the platform fees.

Aave ATMs

With the help of Aave ATM, it’s quite easy for potential investors to buy Aave tokens whenever they have enough funds available. They make the process so quick and easy that traders used to wonder whether things have been done properly or not. Here, the worth mentioning thing is that Aave ATMs charge around 5 to 10% fees against providing privacy, security and convenience of keeping personal and other details in private. This fee is literally worth the features traders will be getting.


Known for providing an escrow service, this cryptocurrency platform enables clients to find the right buyers for their Aaves. Although advertisement is a good option to go with, many have not received the required level of responses. The thing that makes LocalAaves different from others is the in-person meeting, which is facilitated and secured by LocalAaves have turned out to the fastest platform to acquire Aaves within a few minutes.

Minimum Legal Age

Considering the regulations from the law, a trader should be at least 18 years old to be a part of any of the cryptocurrency exchange.

About Aave

The name Aave is derived from the Finnish word for “ghost”, which is an apt name because the system is a decentralized, yet open-source liquidity protocol based on Ethereum. The unique feature of Aave, is that depositors can pool together their funds to earn interest in a safe a secure way. Lending to borrowers need not go through a third party, and is friction-less. Borrowers use variable or fixed interest rates to secure loans.

In the past year, Aave released Flash loans, a form of borrowing without the need for collateral.

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